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by Skullkid

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Recorded, mixed, and mastered by Connor White at This Old Railroad Studios in Herndon, VA
Cover art by Ashley Cho


released August 4, 2013

Azeem Mufti - Guitar/Vocals
Tommy Sorensen - Guitar/Vocals
James Perla - Drums



all rights reserved


Skullkid Charlottesville, Virginia

Buds playin some screamy jams

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Track Name: Friend of Mine
my friend
these trees move so subtly
is it the breeze or is there something more, someone there?
someone I knew, someone that met a
terrible fate
just like me just like me

deep, in the canopy
where a verdant heart beats
speak softly
wake the ancient beast

I need to
find them
don't come after me

endless woods
what is this place
there's no time here
but i swear i'll find you
i swear
my friend
Track Name: Gargantuan Moon
you see what i see?
gargantuan moon
blue tears of crystal
like everlasting

so long

under that mask
is that your real face?

this town this town of peasants
strapped to their ideals
they can't look up
and see that grin
but you know what they say about ignorance and bliss
well this end won't be so bliss

now it's time to take these masks off
maybe we'll see just what we're so afraid of

i celebrate your demise
and eminent
your secrets
for these three days is all you have

words in a well
like screaming at a wall
Track Name: Princess Geometra and the Origami Castle
a dungeon deep and dark
my foiled heart gets punctured

the green lungs of earth
heave slow,
we cannot exist at the
same time

just go, just go

king of the mountains told his
bird to go,

we cannot
we cannot
Track Name: It's Hard to Breathe Up Here But At Least the View is Nice
your wings clipped, and mine worn
but with these winds, we could still take off
only if we jumped together

this could be our time to fly
maybe if we wanted to
this could be our chance to shine
only if you let it through
this is all i say to you
maybe you could say it too

i'll sit here and glue these feathers back on
one by one

a giant ant hill rose above my eyes,
he said March on March on

we could get away
atop the highest perch
get away

but i guess not this time
i've got to get away
Track Name: Transcendental Remediation//Remedial Transcendentalism
have you noticed the brilliance of colors, the tales and textures
that just one leaf can tell you
it's easy to pass the beauty
unless you get up close and
try to see

they may try
to calcify
your third eye
but i say just try to have some

it's easy to to dream but you'll
have to try to see

heavy dust it grows our gardens high,
we are glowing few